10 Daily Tasks for a Tidy Home

Discover the habits that keep your home clean.

Tidy is a Habit

Or, rather, it's a series of habits built into your day. These habits keep clutter and messes from taking over, so your home looks good even when you are too busy to clean.

1. Make Your Bed

Start your day right by making your bed. It instantly makes your room look better, and it sets a productive tone.

2. Empty the Dishwasher ASAP

Having an empty dishwasher or sink gives you room to deal with dirty dishes as they happen. Then they don't pile up on your counters.

Or the sink.

3. Clean as You Cook

Clean as you cook to avoid a messy kitchen later. Discard trash, wipe up spills, and add dirty dishes or utensils to the dishwasher.

4. Daily Laundry

If you have laundry appliances in your home, do a load of wash daily to prevent a mounting pile. Start a load before work, dry it when you get home, and put it away after dinner.

5. Wipe Countertops

Cleaning your countertops daily helps prevent household pests and odors. It's also essential to avoiding cross-contamination that causes food-borne illnesses.

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6. Sort the Mail

Most homes struggle with paper clutter. Prevent the pile-up by sorting mail as it arrives and shredding the junk right away.

7. Use Doormats

Doormats keep dust and debris out of your home, so your floors stay cleaner.

Take the time to put items where they belong after using them. Your home will look less cluttered, and you'll know where everything is.

8. Put Things Away, Not Down

9. Kitchen Shutdown

Have a nightly kitchen shutdown routine to end your day clutter-free. Empty the trash, wash the sink, put away food containers and leave it ready for Morning You.

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10. Be Consistent

Don't wait for your home to look messy before you clean it. Consistent tidying keeps it looking good, even when you haven't had time to clean.

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